Car fault signs, there are seven phenomena must be bad
  In the process of driving the car, the car will always be the kind of problem. However, a car before the failure will appear signs. However, if you carefully observe that these signs of car failure, it is likely to avoid the occurrence of scourge. Today, we will learn about these signs of trouble.
  To hear the word
  And the frequency will increase with the car to accelerate this is the tire damage issued by the sound. At this time, the tread is stripping, falling off the tread may be serious damage to the body. Hear this voice, remember to hold the steering wheel, pay attention to observation, the car will be stopped in time to the roadside.
  Smell "sweet"
  If this smell is emitted from the hood, it may be that the cooling system has failed. Most cars use ethylene glycol as antifreeze or coolant, and ethylene glycol is a viscous liquid with sweetness. Resulting in more reasons for the leakage of ethylene glycol, one may be the radiator pipeline due to aging and rupture. If not timely maintenance, may lead to overheating engine, so you trapped in the halfway. At this point, if found in the car under the green, orange or yellow liquid leakage, then the trouble may be big.
  3. Under the car found a pool of liquid
  If not the weather is very wet or you bleed too much, it may be the oil valve did not twist and other reasons. Pay attention to observe the color of the liquid and the location of the leakage, with your fingers dip some smell smell. In most cases, the leakage liquid is air conditioning compressor generated condensate; if the leakage is transparent oil, the steering wheel may be a boost system problems, check the hydraulic pump and power system support on the stent there is no leakage of liquid ; If the leakage color is dark and very slippery, and you have just recently replaced the oil, it may be repair technicians broke the oil valve, or oil filter is not installed.
  4. found other leakage situation
  If the leak is a reddish brown oil, it may be that the coolant transmission tube of the automatic transmission has broken or the seal of the gearbox has been damaged. If accompanied by burning smell, then the gearbox may also need to overhaul. If a liquid is found on the inner wall of the vehicle body at the tire site, it may be that the brake fluid has leaked. Once the brake fluid leaks, the air may enter the brake pipe in the brake caused by complete failure, so be sure to repair as soon as possible. If it is found in the truck under the rear axle leakage, and the leakage of the color is very deep, the larger proportion, but also a sticky oil, it may be the differential actuator seal replacement.
  5. hear the "screams"
  If the sound is issued from the hood, and the sound is proportional to the speed, it usually means that an auxiliary conveyor belt will be broken. Before long ago, if the car's pump or generator conveyor belt is broken, we can barely drive to the car repair point. Today, the role of the car conveyor varied, servo to help turn, pump water, air conditioning compression, power generation and other different systems, in the event of a break, the car is often difficult to move. If you are in the way of light on the brakes to hear a sharp sound, it may be the brake pads will come to an end. Brake pad bottom cast a metal bead, the brake material wears serious, it will be exposed and friction with the brake disc screams. This time, you have to hurry to repair the car for the brake pad.
  6. hear the sound of grinding (a)
  If you do not replace the brakes in time, and the screams of the brakes suddenly disappear, then you will hear a strong polished sound. At this point, the brake pad of the last layer of brake material has also been worn out, the bottom of the brake pad metal directly with the brake disc contact, resulting in greatly reduced the braking effect, thus endangering the safety of driving. At this time, your car repair costs will increase, because the brake discs have to change.
  7. hear the sound of grinding (b)
  When you have a big angle in the parking lot, you hear a polished sound, a chuck sound or a boom, and you are driving a front-wheel drive car, which may be a problem with constant velocity joints. The effect of the constant velocity universal joint is to drive the front wheel and turn. If you do not timely repair the problem, a little better left a wheel drive the vehicle, almost the whole car can only lie in place, unless your car is equipped with limited slip differential drive.
  In addition, there are many reasons that will cause the car to issue a polished sound. Such as embedded in the brake pad and the brake disc between the stones, the failure of the generator, wear a bad bearing, etc., are likely to be the culprit. There is not timely repair if the mirror, then you can only spend a lot in the future.
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