Automotive generator bearing wear causes battery loss during parking
  One said the battery loss of power, we all think of electrical components are not closed or car generator internal short circuit / open circuit lead to battery loss, as the car generator bearings can also affect the car loss of power, it is estimated that the first time I heard that Let us work together to find out about it
  Taizhou, Zhejiang, Mr. Zhang found his car stopped a night no electricity, for the new battery is still the case, parking on the crazy discharge, which he did not dare to stop the car now.
  Due to the replacement of the battery is not on the scene, suspected repairman did not replace or replace the poor poor quality refurbished battery. This repair workers feel particularly wronged. But he can not explain their own, just last night for the new full battery, how no electricity today, and this is simply faster than the discharge. The mechanic and his apprentice carefully scrutinized Mr. Zhang's car several times, but found that all the power generation targets were normal and there was no discharge.
  Repair workers for the verification of the new battery is reliable, the Mr. Zhang's battery for their own cars, their car battery into Mr. Zhang car, stopped for a afternoon, Mr. Zhang's car or show loss of power, start Starter when the powerless voice, grafting a battery, immediately start normal, and repair workers with the original Mr. Zhang battery hit a start. In this regard, the mechanic is also helpless, and can only recommend Mr. Zhang to find a professional car electrician to help detect.
  Through the introduction of the mechanic, Mr. Zhang found a professional car electrician, after 2 days several times the uninterrupted disconnect line test, and finally find the problem lies - parking inside the car generator short circuit phenomenon.
  The car generator disassembly disintegration, the original car's generator bearing a slight wear and tear, resulting in the internal rotor of the channeling and excitation current out of the question. When the car moves, the rotor is suspended and normal. And the car stalled, the rotor just turned to the location of leakage, they began to crazy discharge.
  Electrician master said that for such a car generator failure caused by the loss of electricity is only one millionth, even if there is only in the old age of the old car appeared.
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