How long is the maintenance of the car generator (which aspects of maintenance)
  As mentioned above, we know that the car generator in addition to the battery charge, but also for the other parts of the electricity to charge, we can see that the generator is a very important part of automotive electronics. How long will the car generators be maintained? What aspects of work need to be maintained?
  1, to always clean the battery to the main conductor of the generator, to keep its dry, can be leakproof.
  2, unidirectional wheel clutch motor generator in the generator pulley has a dust cover, dust cover should not be easily removed, to be strong, to prevent dust into the generator inside, resulting in mechanical failure
  3, the car driving a certain mileage, the appropriate adjustment of the tightness of the generator belt, the belt is too tight will not only make it elongated or broken, shorten the belt life, but also because of excessive tension, resulting in generator shaft, pump shaft Deformation bending and early damage to the bearing. Some cars are automatically adjusted by tensioning wheels.
  4, pay attention to the number of pulley groove wear and tear is serious, if the wear and tear of a serious need to be replaced.
  5, pay attention to observe the generator terminal D + terminal or nut is loose, if loose, must immediately tighten, if it is poor insulation, should be removed for dressing.
  6, start the engine, listen to whether the generator is abnormal, to confirm whether the wear caused by the bearing, can drop a few drops of oil, pay attention to not penetrate the rectifier, or affect the power transfer effect.
  7, the car generator internal inspection:
  1) rectifier fouling, available fine sand cloth polished.
  2) brush contact uneven, available fine sand cloth flat. If the elasticity of the spring is insufficient, the new parts are replaced when the brush wears too much. Brush is too short without damage, the gasket can be used into the bracket, so that it is close with the rectifier.
  3) Brush bracket insulation damage, need to reprovision new pieces. Brush contact uneven, available fine sand cloth tied. How to maintain the lack of flexibility of your car spring, brush wear too little, have to replace the new pieces. Brush is too short without damage, the gasket can be inserted into the collection, so that it is close with the rectifier.
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